Vattuniemi, Hèlsinki

dimarts, 12 de febrer de 2008

The writer Virginia Despentes

The French author Virginia Despentes is being interviewed in the Parisian Café de Flore for the Helsingin Sanomat today. She talks about the power of men in society and "how they have stayed in the fifties". And how opposing prostitution and pornografy is hypocricy, a way to close your eyes in all other oppression against women in our society.

Her first book was "Baise-moi", (1993), about a young woman who has been raped, her girlfriend, and their revenge to men (by killing their sexual partners after the act).

It has been translated to over 10 languages, I have seen the film. Other books by her that have been translated into Finnish are Les Jolies Choses (1998) and Teen Spirit (2002). Now the newest one, King Kong Théorie, has been translated this year.