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diumenge, 13 d’abril de 2008

Hèlsinki dissabte, 12 abril 2008

Districte Meilahti

Districte Munkkiniemi


Mickey Mouse, he who seeks will find
Ell que busca trobarà



Obrint una botiga Louis Vuitton en centre de ciutat. Per què?

Kämp Galeria

Carlströmin menestys jatkui Espanjan Klasika Primaverassa | Muut | YLE Urheilu |

2 comentaris:

amicalechica ha dit...

These pictures of yours are fabuuulous! But its a shame i can read through most of your blog :( but some place I do understand the lingo a bit. You do write in spanish sometimes huh?

merike ha dit...

amicalechica, hello! I write this side as much català as Translendium translator let's me.. I am trying to learn it. I have got a translator here on blog from català to English. (above the weather) But as there are lyrics of songs a lot.. in all kinds of languages.. This is just for my own amusement, I bet the real Catalonians may disapprove my poor try. On my other blog I used to try more English. There are plenty of translators you can just put the url on and they will do a "poor" translation:-) Such as Traductor automàtic I don't speak Spanish either!! I am a Finn. Thanks to these modern times I can study all kinds of foreign cultures superficially. Thanks for writing!!! ONNEN MAA - TERRA DE FELICITAT - LAND OF HAPPINESS!!!